How can I change Boo slider's height?

Hi, recently I purchased a Boo slider & currently using on my website. I'm using it as a fullwidth slider on my home page, but no matter what images & choose in my slide,  I can't change the height of the slider. And because of it people visiting my website can't fully see the slide content without scrolling down. 


So, is it possible to resize the boo slider's height without harming the fullwidth mode? 


Re: How can I change Boo slider's height?


You need to contact the developer at Bamboostudio - support@baamboostudio.com
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Re: How can I change Boo slider's height?

They also frequent the board here sometimes - @baamboostudio

- Adam
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Re: How can I change Boo slider's height?


Just noticed you posted a question about our app here.

I'm not sure whether you have submitted a ticket via our site and found the answer yet but below is my answer:

The height of the Boo Slider depends on 2 things:

The height of your images and the height of your content.


As you described in your question, I think you added a lot of content into slides, which made the slider too high.

You should use less content on your slides.

We wrote an in-depth guide and you can take a look at it for reference: https://www.baamboostudio.com/a-comprehensive-tutorial-to-create-weebly-header-slider/


If you still have any questions, please submit a ticket so we can provide better support.

https://www.baamboostudio.com/support/submit-a-ticket Thanks.

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