Managing your deleted Apps is just as important as adding more Apps to the Center


Before an App is no longer maintained or not working on Weebly - make sure that users of the App are notified before-hand, so that they are given time handle the change.


I only found out that the "Text Alert" App was no longer working, from a very angry client when he did not receive any SMS for orders that are placed in his online shop. I lost the second project because of this oversight.


Weebly 4 and the App Center is a powerful add-on to your platform. one that has propelled Weebly into what I would consider as perhaps one of the most useful web builder in town. I am a keen user of Weebly and are relying on your platform to earn my income.


So I have a vested interest in your success.


I am aware that you are keen to build up the amount of Apps to give credence to the Center, but you have forgotten one fundamental factor of success - Apps management especially managing deletions.

Apps supplier selection and more importantly deleting Apps must be done with care. Simply deleting it without proper notification dilutes all the great work you guys have done.

When you delete an App you affect the users who rely on it and if the deletion is done without proper notification you destroy the user’s faith in installing ANY apps for fear of disappointment in the future.

Please, Weebly - manage your deletion properly.



Employee Moderator

Re: Managing your deleted Apps is just as important as adding more Apps to the Center

Hello Steven! Sorry for the shock, and thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience with us! Having apps go defunct without warning is definitely the last thing we want to happen in a case like that.