Why bother to vote on features

I've invested a lot of time in this community submitting ideas and voting on features that others have proposed. I'm starting to wonder it that isn't a completely waste of time.

Exactly how do you (Weebly) use this forum? What happens with these ideas? Give your own updates I'm starting to think that you just ignore it and if that's the case I'll stop bothering to participate.


The last time you posted that you actually finished a suggestions was MAY

The last time you posted that you were working on something was OCTOBER


What's the point in any of us investing time in this if everything we post is essentially ignored?


Re: Why bother to vote on features

It is useless if your request is one of a kind or for which an app is available or you can do it yourself.


Once in a while a suggestion surfaces that may have a wider generic appeal or many suggestion can be combined and morphed in to a new suggestion.  For example, the new sectioning capability killed many needs - one page website, attractive multiplage website and so on (essentially it killed many of the third party template developers).

Re: Why bother to vote on features

I've seen several of the features I and my friends requested go through the process. Either it is something that Weebly is working on or they find us apps that do what we are looking for. There are though, lots of duplications, so they have to weed through all of those....


Re: Why bother to vote on features

I agree. Meaningful and useful updates are few and far between. Definitely not utilizing most of the things their highest paying customers have suggested over and over again. The fact that they don't even have a 'bugs' section in the forums speaks volumes about their interest in accountability and transparency.