Best way to transfer one weebly domain to another?



I have been in the process of updating my website [changing theme and content] and it is almost done and ready to go. 


To do this, I made a copy of my website and put my own domain name onto it [Lets say www.abc.com] whilst I used the original site to change the theme and make all the alterations and called it www.abcbackup.com. This way, the users of my website don't see all the work going on and hopefully the change over is smooth and seemless. 


However, I need to now change the domain names over and set my new site live. The problem is that I need to add links in the new site back to the new site and am I right in thinking that I can't do this until the website names have been set and published? 


Is there a way I can do all this without the users of my website seeing the new site until everything is done and all the links are in place? 


Hope this makes sense, its quite hard to explain. 


Many thanks

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Re: Best way to transfer one weebly domain to another?

Swapping the domain names is pretty simple - just change the old site to something other than the domain name to free it up, then change the address of the new site to the domain and re-publish. I'm not sure what you mean about links, though. Are these text/image links?

- Adam
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Re: Best way to transfer one weebly domain to another?

I made a site under a free subdomain weebly.com and now like to point the correct domain name to this new site after upgrading in a pro plan - the external registrar of the domain name says that the pointing settings are correct, still the website doesn't show and when I choose the option to use a domain registered elsewhere it says it is used by another site (which can only be our own new weebly website as the old website in another language is disabled)