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New Features and Apps from August 2017!

Hi, everyone!


We ended summer with a bang, and you can read all about it. Want the highlights in the meantime? Here you go:


New Features:

- Gradient Background

- Apple & Android Pay

- Square Inventory Sync

- Mobile Coupons


New Apps:

- InventorySource

- Codo Tabs

- Mobile Web Boost

- Countdown Cart

- Buttons X

- GoBot

- ShiproBot

- Store Locator One

- Indeed Jobs

- Printful


Don't forget to check out the details here. There's never been a better time to polish your website, and our these features and apps will add something new in time for fall!


Let us know if you have questions or feedback about the updates from August.




Re: New Features and Apps from August 2017!

Why have you deleted my response post to this thread?

This was with respect to Weebly ignoring the https issue for ALL paid customers

This is of critical importance to webmasters i.e. the fact that their sites will start being marked "not secure" by Google as from Monday 1st October if they use any forms where people enter an email address

So you're going to have paid accounts being marked "not secure".

Why - when other major providers addressed this and upgraded sites months ago?

Just to get this in perspective, I've had the https prefix to my blogpsot domains on my Blogger blogs for years!
So free blogs from Google's Blogger get https but paid accounts on Weebly don't.

I'm now off to write a blog post asking people whether they are ready for the Google change on 1st October and highlighting why I am on my Blogger blogs - but am not on my Weebly websites!!! (and highlighting the competitors who all addressed this months ago)

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Re: New Features and Apps from August 2017!

Hi, @makingamark!


I checked the history of this post, and I didn't see a reply from you other than this one. Perhaps your original reply was not actually posted? Sorry for the confusion!


Regarding the SSL issue, we are working on it currently. I understand the sense of urgency here, especially since Google has listed a deadline of October 1st. Just to be clear, as I understand it, only eCommerce pages and pages with forms on them will potentially be flagged as unsecure. Since our eCommerce pages already have SSL, it should really just be pages with forms. Still, I know this will impact a significant number of Weebly customers, and we hope to have the issue resolved ASAP.


Thanks for calling attention to this issue! It's better that folks be educated on what is happening than not. I'll certainly communicate any updates as I receive them.