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Hey there!


I  have the designer platform on Weebly. I want to come up with 3 monthly packages to offer my clients for website hosting.


Bronze (hosting of website and use of CMS), access to stats etc

Silver: as above but with an hour of minor updates included.

Gold: as above plus currating blog posts etc.... blah blah


I wondered if any other designers currently offer something like this, what you offer and the price. 

It would be good to collate a full list of Weebly benefits and upsell to various packages.


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Re: Website hosting packages

What pricing were you thinking of asking for each, @_wordgetsaround?

- Adam
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Re: Website hosting packages

Hi Adam,


Having asked a few people online I was thinking of:


£25 per month for hosting and use of CMS plus access to stats etc


£45 per month for the above, plus simple website edits included (text changes, upload new image etc)


£100 per month for a premium service. Not sure yet!



I want to come up with an option for each and what is included. Many people don't update their sites, So I want to encourage them to use a service that allows for me to do this for them.


Where can I get details on security and backups for weebly? Having to manualy backup up multipe websites a week is a manual process isn't???


What do others think on price plans and what they offer.