Community Manager

Weebly Feature Submission Guidelines

We can't wait to hear all of your ideas for improving Weebly (or the Community, if you are posting an idea in Community Suggestions)! Before you post your idea, make sure to check out the guidelines below.


Search First

Don't forget to do a quick search before you post your idea. Someone might have already suggested your idea!


Write Out Your Idea

The more we know about your idea, the better! Try to include who your idea is for, what the motivation behind the idea is, and what the actual idea is. You may want to start with a format like this:


As a (role), I want (something) so that (benefit).


Example: As a small business owner, I want a shipping tracker tool so that my customers know exactly where their shipment is.


Some things to include in your idea post:

  1. Role - who or what type of user is the idea intended for?
  2. Something - what is it this user wants?
  3. Benefit - why would the "something" help? 
  4. Additional context - examples, timeline, drawings or diagrams


Get Out and Vote

Don't forget to fulfill your neighborly duty by voting for other features and suggestions. Click on the thumbs up (kudos) to vote! You have 5 votes total, so if you've used all 5 votes, you'll have to remove a vote from one idea in order to vote on something new. 


Our Process

We will do our best to review each idea given to determine its fit within Weebly's product roadmap. Each idea will be moved through several statuses, as detailed below.


New Idea - Brand new ideas that are ready to be voted on by community members.


Please, Tell us More - If you see this status, we need a bit more information on the idea. Any clarification or additional detail added to this idea would help move things along.


We're Considering It - We like ideas with this status and are working to see where the idea fits into our roadmap.


Alternate Suggestion Provided - These ideas are not quite the right fit, but we will provide a workaround to reach the same or a similar goal.


It's in Our Queue - We've put these ideas on our roadmap, but we aren't working on them just yet.


We're Working on It - These ideas have been accepted, vetted, and are currently being worked on. Look for these ideas soon!


Hurray! We're Done! - We have delivered these ideas, and we will let you know where to find the end result.


Declined - Ideas with this status are not being considered for the roadmap, either due to fit or technical difficulty.


Archived - There has been no movement on these ideas for 6 months or more.


Duplicate - These ideas have been posted before.


Unspecified - Ideas with this status have been moved from elsewhere and need to be reviewed.