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Weebly Idea of the Week!

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Hi, all!


So many Weebly community members use the Vote on Features section to suggest amazing ideas. We want to thank you and shed a bit more light on those ideas by sharing them here on Fridays.


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Without further ado, this week's Weebly Idea of the Week is:

Ability to Determine the Order of Products Shown by @lisaparker


What do you think of Lisa's idea?


Thanks, and happy Friday!


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Re: Weebly Idea of the Week!

This is great!  I would like to also see updates to things that have been being considered for over a year. People have asked repeatedly in some threads but get no answers or updates.

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Re: Weebly Idea of the Week!

Thanks for the suggestion, @Heirloom_Angel. That is actually something I am currently working on with the Weebly team, and I hope to have some updates on long-standing suggestions soon.

Re: Weebly Idea of the Week!

Thanks, @Erin!  Nice to 'see' you again.  =)