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Welcome to the Community - Introduce yourself!

Hi, there!


Thank you for joining the Weebly Community. We can't wait to hear what you have to say about our community as we work to make it the best space for you possible.


Now that we're here, let's start getting to know each other! Please introduce yourself in the comments. Feel free to include a link to your site as well as a bit about yourself.


Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you!

Enjoy your day,



Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!

Guess I'll start!
I'm Billy or... (Just_Billy) haha.

I've built more than a few sites using Weebly and would be more than happy to share all I have learned to anyone I can help.

My main site is a independent film review site and I'm constantly playing with new ideas.

With Weebly, I've always found there really is no limit to what you can build. Starting off with their builder is a great easy way to kick off and experiment. But that's just the start. Want more? Maybe try your hand at editing the code a little. Something that so far, Weebly has kept while others have let slip away. A great option! Just... don't be like me... experiment with inactive pages. Ha ha.

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Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!

Welcome, Billy! So good to have you here.


Care to share the link to your site? I'd love to check it out!


Also, when it comes to editing the code yourself, where did you get started?


Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!

Her Erin.
Slowly learning to edit the code basically simply came from a need to do things, that I couldn't get with a template.

A lot of it stemmed from the older version of Weebly. A lot of what I was looking for then, can actually be done in the Weebly editor now. Ha ha.

With my main site, I simply went for a simple clean look. I'm not going to lie... I've changed the style of the site a few times over the years.

Mainly, it had to do with the paralax banner at the top... which I use to post Advertisments sometimes. Ha ha.

And, originally... most of it was for things you don't really see... such as being able to see my site the same on any mobile device... instead of using the Weebly mobile templates.

By all means, feel free to have a look. I've been working on some new, modern sites... but this is the oldest, and although "not" the most modern... I think it looks pretty for a review site. Ha ha.


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Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!

I  really like your site! I love movies myself, and you've come up with a really clean and organized way to display a lot of information. Great work! 


I don't see an ads banner up at the moment, but let me know when one is up. I'd love to see how (if it all) it changes the dynamic of your site.


Again, great to have you here!


Enjoy your day, Billy!


Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!

wow...great site you built!   i really have a hard time with all this.....it's simple , supposedly, but not for a low tech person like myself.  


Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!


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Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!

Olá! Desculpe pela tradução. Normalmente, você colocaria o vídeo usando o elemento do YouTube ou o elemento de vídeo HD em um site profissional. Inserir o URL no elemento do YouTube deve ser suficiente para colocar o vídeo em questão.


Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!

Well, looks like I'll be the second person to introduce myself. My name is Tony and I run a website design and hosting business called Working Websites based in Queensland Australia. At the time of writing this post I have 30 client sites running on the Weebly designer platform.


Over the last two and a half years I have gotten to know a lot about the Weebly platform, what it does well (and not so well). I chose the Weebly CMS for my business for the following key reasons:


1. At the time, it was the only CMS with a platform for designers that also supported a portal for their clients.

2. It offered quick, easy to use Drag n Drop editing as well as access to CSS and HTML for customisation.

3. Reasonable hosting fees


On average, I build a one or two new websites per week and generally have four or five in development at a time. I build websites for small to medium businesses so the purpose and functionality can vary greatly from one project to another. So far, the Weebly platform has served me well, but I would like to see more in-built template designs and improved features for embedding multimedia into websites, especially background video which has largely been left to an ever diminishing number of external developers whose code is not officially supported by Weebly.


Here's hoping that this new Weebly Community will become a valuable asset for both Weebly and its patrons.



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Re: Welcome to the Community Beta - Introduce yourself!

Hey Tony. You've been with Weebly for a lot of the same reasons I chose it. Mainly, the editing of the code aspect.

Awesome! Wouldn't mind having a look at some of your work.

I don't consider myself a web designer, because my knowlege is limited to what I wanted to do at the time... but I love checking out fresh sites and seeing just what is cool now-days. Ha ha.