website pop up help needed

Good afternoon 

I recently added a popup on my www.tilleyhomeimprovements.com which appears but now i would like to remove this but can not see how this can be done.

can anyone help or advise me here?


All advise would be really appreciated.

Thank you


Re: website pop up help needed

Yeah the pop up on your website is annoying and distracting.  You have a nice landing page.  I don't know how to help you, but do get rid of that thing.


Re: website pop up help needed

Hey, this is going to sound really stupid and totally backwards at face value but are you still having this problem? If so I can help. 

I'm a solid Web Developer but I have so many anti-adverising adons that still block pop-up ad's after it's been "disabled" that I honestly can't tell if you've fixed this or not. I would just set up another browser profile that doesn't load with all the add-ons but it's not worth it just to see if a pop-up happens. If you still need help removing it, that's another story and I'll be happy to assist. I checked the source code and I didn't see it but that doesn't always mean it isn't there.

FYI - No charge is implied, I don't even have the ability to accept money

When I offer to help on Weebly's community It means just that, a neighborly offer to lend a hand. It is safe to assume I do not expect payment of any kind. If I offered, "thanks," is an appreciated, "tip." -more about this here

Hiring Requests:

I'll consider requests to hire me for additional task but it's a little like renting an escavator + drill rig to dig a latrine (that is to say a one-time hole, not comparing you site to a human waste collection station). For more you can read my posting on this subject. The thing is, you can always ask me about anything and I'll tell you the honest answer. besides, I already refer people to others who can do the same quality but can't charge the same as me so what do I have to lose that I'm not already giving to support other devs?

If I'm as good as I claim, why do anything for free?

2 reasons, I have a passion for this, my first major contract to work on wer Junior Achievement, An international non-profit and it showed me ways I use web dev as both a gift through donation, not just as a career. Second is that I hate watching people get ripped off and I feel the app center does that a little. It makes people try things on their own and when it doesn't work they get stuck and Weebly has a "No Custom Code" policy meaning once you tried to do it on your own they can't touch your website. So you're stuck and being punished for not paying 5-13 bucks for something they got for free via open-source. That's why.

Think of it more like a Robin Hood motivation combined with the mercenary perk of having a skillset and not being bound by any specific rules as to how and when I can use them. I can do things they can't and I'm just getting started.


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