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Weebly Tip of the Week: How to Make PIE


Thanksgiving is tomorrow in the greater part of North America, so I wanted to devote this Tip of the Week to my favorite part of the holiday. Pie. Or, rather, I wanted to talk about pie, but also give you a real Weebly tip, and so I came up with a way to make an acronym.


Pretty Interesting Email

Okay sorry, but also? Email! Last week we talked a lot about marketing during the holidays, and that includes the eCommerce holidays directly following Thanksgiving. But today I want to lay down some general tips on what makes the perfect email.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.55.45 AM.png


Added Value. This shouldn’t need to be said, except it does need to be said. What are you adding to your recipients’ lives? You need to give them a solid reason why they should open your email, and make them happy that they did (say, instead of feeling tricked). If they’re happy, then they’ll click through. Emails about store sales, new merchandise, new blog posts/recipes/adventures, handy information and the like are going to be good choices.


Tone & Brand Voice. Is your tone engaging? Does this email sound like you or your brand? No one wants to read blah copy, especially if it lacks grammatical clarity and consistency.


Pretty. This doesn’t just mean pretty pictures. I’m talking about well designed. If you’re using Promote, then our templates give you a good idea of a well-designed email. If you aren’t, or you want to make it from scratch, then make sure you consider your images (striking, high-res, relevant), whitespace (enough that your copy isn’t crowded, not too much that it’s swimming), and font/color choices (easy on the eyes, pls).


Bold. You don’t always need to go to the extreme edge of diction, but when you write your headers, calls-to-action and subject lines, you want people to read them. That means some level of attention-grabbing copy. Action verbs are great for this. Be Your Own Boss. Discover the Next Big Thing. Get It.


Be Reasonable. A good open rate is between 15 to 25 percent. If you are seeing rates lower than that, ask yourself: Is my list old? Are you sending email consistently enough? Do your recipients recognize you?


Thoughts? Any particularly successful campaigns to share?



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