Does changing domain name affect SEO?

Hi, I've been using the weebly.com domain name for my website. I am thinking of upgrading to the Pro account which includes the domain.


Currently when I do searches on google for stuff related to my site, it shows up nicely on the search results. I presume based on the SEO settings.


I am wondering if the content does not change but the domain name changes, will this affected google search results?


I am new to this and would appreciate any input.



Community Manager

Re: Does changing domain name affect SEO?

Sometimes, but it depends on the circumstances. When you use a free subdomain from us, then change the address of your site to a custom domain and re-publish, we automatically forward all traffic from the subdomain to the custom domain. 


Google won't see 404s with those old links, and instead should simply update what is returned to use the new domain. Assuming nothing else changes with the site that could affect SEO it shouldn't cause a problem.

- Adam
Community Manager