Duplicate text on Blog

So I went into something called SEMRUSH and found the health of my site to be 72% despite all the time i spend on it.

One key area that I dont know how to fix is "duplicate text"  I have a blog page, that functions and appears to be one long page.  Yet google sees the archives and each post as a seperate page and is saying there is duplicate text.  It sees 89 pages in my blog....yet Weebly seems to only let me see it as a single page.


Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Duplicate text on Blog

There really wouldn't be a way to change those pages so that they are different, @healinghands. I don't think effect on Google is all that important, though. Google's search engine is a lot more intelligent than it was in years past and can usually tell the difference between archive pages and main blog pages, etc.

- Adam
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