IMAGE OPTIMISER (and compression) APP recommended for weebly

Useful weebly guides all recommend we do not use large image files due to slow download speeds for users. Great advise. 


But I can't find an app to do the job that is recommended for weebly and recent - just references to there being 'a lot of them'. Nothing in the weebly app store.


QUESTION 1) Can someone recommend a proven app to do the following:

  • optimise images for normal page size images in BATCHES
  • works well with weebly
  • do we also need to compress our images? 
  • is free


I use MAC and can rezise batches in PREVIEW.


QUESTION 2) Is this enough? As there is no comression.

QUESTION 3) If ok what size e.g. px, DPI



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Re: IMAGE OPTIMISER (and compression) APP recommended for weebly

Here is a really great article (although a little old) from one of our third party app developers. They suggest an app for compressing images that may be useful for you. https://www.baamboostudio.com/how-to-optimize-images-for-your-weebly-site/