Moving SEO from Wordpress to Weebly

Hello, I have a website on wordpress and am thinking of moving to weebly.


I already have SEO going there for a long time which gives me a solid presence on google, if i move to weebly will i lose an ranking or make the SEO weaker?

Appreciate your help thank you.




Re: Moving SEO from Wordpress to Weebly

Wordpress is the ultimate SEO platform. Weebly is the ultimate easy to use platform. If SEO is your top priority you should stay on Wordpress. Most people move from Weebly to Wordpress due to SEO limitations on Weebly such as slower page loading, no AMP support, no CDN support, no caching, fewer plugins, etc....


Re: Moving SEO from Wordpress to Weebly

Depending on what your site specializes in (commerce or blog) read some of the comments in this forum by other users. Although weebly is easy to use they still lack a lot of features that are standard on other platforms and they have a really long (Im talking 3+ years) lag on creating improvements in response to requests.


Personally I built my blog here on weebly & now that my site is growing I'm finding that the tools I want that other platforms have aren't here. I came to this forum for ideas only to find that there are many other disappointed users and still no solutions. When I started to look at switching to another platform I realized that it's impossible to move weebly blogs. So if you have a blog consider whether or not you're comfortable with being on Weebly permanently.


Re: Moving SEO from Wordpress to Weebly

Yes, more than likely, you will. WP is great, and it drives traffic. Weebly not only has dozens of unsolved problems, many related to customer SEO access but because it is a free site, there is some hesitation with search engines to bump up. Plus so much bloat in the code. I've worked around it for years, but not easy.Good luck.