Pages appearing inccorectly in Google search.


My website is fairly new, so firstly, I know it will likely take anywhere between 4 days to 4 weeks or more rank and see results. I've inserted my Google analytics/webmaster tracking link to each page, so I believe they are starting to rank. For example, I type in the site URL into Google search, and I can see a few pages appear.


My issue is these questions:

1.I'm seeing old pages appear that were deleted. They do go to a 404-page error when opened, but I'm wondering if those pages will eventually disappear from the search results?


2. My original homepage needed to be re-created, so I had made a copy of it, re-created the look of it, then renamed the page title. I created the page as a "sample" page to show i.e 'Home Page (mock)' as the title. Once I finished recreating this new copied homepage, I decided that I wanted it to be my main home page and go with this new look. So, I edited the page title by taking away the word 'mock', now the page title is back to it's original title 'Home page'. Now, even days later, the old page title still appears in the search results. Of course, I don't want the word 'mock' in my homepage title when it appears in the search results. Will this eventually change as Google crawls my site, or is this title permanent in the search engines?


I hope I explained my concerns clearly. Looking forward to your support.

- Matt



Community Manager

Re: Pages appearing inccorectly in Google search.

Hey @MattR!


1. It'll take time for deleted pages to be removed from Google's cache. I'd recommend setting up a 301 redirect to both speed that along, and give a better experience for people who click a link: http://hc.weebly.com/hc/en-us/articles/201723883-How-to-301-Redirect-an-Old-Page-to-a-New-Weebly-Pag...

2. That should eventually update once Google crawls your site again. It's tough to know when that will happen, but it should do it on its own.

- Adam
Community Manager