Permalink like /index.html is perfect for SEO?


I have read, permalink is very important for search engines.

A permalink like example/index.html is perfect for SEO?

Or are there better ones?

I ignored the permalink for a long time because I did not know it was so important.

Can this be the reason why my website is still not among the top 100 on Google after 15 months? (At Bing and Yahoo my site is on place 37/34 of 4.4 Mio. Is not perfect, but better than nothing.)

What can I doo for a better ranking?

Thanks a lot for help!


Regards from Munich


PS: Sorry for my English!


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Re: Permalink like /index.html is perfect for SEO?

The permalink option in the SEO Settings area of page only needs to be filled out if you want something different than the default. This can be handy if you have a page with a long title and want something shorter. You don't need to add anything there if you don't want to, though.

- Adam
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