Problem with website with SEO

Hello Goodday,

I've got a question about my website that i created around 2 weeks ago, and published it everyday and updated some few times. but i followed every guide for the SEO to get searched by google but when im trying to search into my keywords my website wont show up, even if i fully write my domain name without ''www. and .nl'' my website wont showup and when i search on google ''www.administratiebeheerassociates.nl'' it does show up in google but nothing from the description is thick or tagged what i've actually have edited in the settings and page settings in weebly builder. 

 i have no errors with google so far i know, i've added webmasters / analystics, and tried my best with the descriptions en meta keywords and even added some h1 tags. 


why am i not showing up when searching through other keywords etc. 


thankyou in advance,  


edit: screenshot of what google only sees? for search words?google1.png

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Re: Problem with website with SEO

It can take a little while to get fully indexed by Google. It looks like you just bought the domain at the end of November, so you probably just need to give Google a little longer to fully index your site. It also can take even longer to get ranked based on certain keyword searches.


I'd recommend taking a look at our Ultimate Guide to SEO:



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Re: Problem with website with SEO

Hi Peter,

Baie mooi webwerf meneer! Laas Holands gelees op skool en my Afrikaans is maar sleg vandat ek net Engels praat!


So here goes.

I find https://www.sinium.com/seo/report-card/ to be a handy free SEO tool. Run a test for some answers.


1) Your Google Graph (the box on the right in searches) does show when I search your company name. It is not generated by wikipedia so that mean you have a Google Plus page out there that needs to be added to your other social media icons on your website.


2) On your contact page remove the defauly weebly map box and add a clean html box. Here is the code linked to that phantom G+ page you need to find... Add it to your html box. This will help Google to connect the dots. It is a simple trick but can make a huge difference. You do however need to find that location page and link it to your website as well. Make sure it is verified as well.


<iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2451.7715864673482!2d4.290818715791241!3d52.08..." width="600" height="450" frameborder="0" style="border:0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


3) Your name is very long and a keyword combination of an industry search. This can make SEO tricky as your sites gets penalized under the EMD update.  A way around this is to maybe also get the .com which is a primary domain and stronger than the local .nl. As you can see www.zeeheldenkwartier.com is using a .com and listing above you. You can then forward the .nl to the .com.


4) Your site is good but it is not strong enough. Your code to text is only 1.97%.  This means that you have a light site and have to work on content to reach Google's suggested 20%. This goes specifically for cornerstone content on your pages and cannot be made up with blogs.


5) Your site also has no linkbuilding and a 0 Moz rank.


I did connect with you on Linkedin. Let me know if you need any help.


Dankie vir u tyd!