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sdsds.pngI have been building SEO lately, and I found this. this is partly from Marketgeo


- 5 pages missing meta descriptions

- 5 pages missing H1 tags.

- 2 out of 2 images do not have alt tags.

- 17 images that do not have height and width attributes


to be honest I'm confused with this Smiley Mad

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Re: SEO Question

It wouldn't be possible to add height and width attributes to images, but the other items listed can be changed. 


1. Page meta descriptions: check each page on the pages tab and enter something in the decription field in SEO Settings.

2. I'm not sure which pages it means, but you can add H1 tags using the app from the App Center:

3. Check the images elements on your site and click on "advanced", then enter something for the alt field for the image.

- Adam
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