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I use someone for Google Ad Words who isn't a Weebly user. He was updating some SEO relevant information on some of my sites and says the meta keywords on individual pages in Weebly are useless and there's no point in using them. As a Weebly user, I am happy to follow your suggestions on  a number of different topics. I'm curious where his view of this is coming from. Doesn't Google crawl every aspect of a site meaning nothing is useless? Any idea where he may be getting the idea that the page meta tags have no use?


Thanks for your feedback.

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Re: SEO and MetaKeywords

I believe there are several articles you can find online that cover this debate. Keywords, some may argue, may not hold as much weight as they once did, but I don't believe you are harming your seo by using them. Although I am also curious if anyone else has any input on this! Smiley Happy


Re: SEO and MetaKeywords

I was wondering this as well, in fact there are quite a few in the SEO community who believe it's detrimental to rankings to have "keyword stuffing".

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Re: SEO and MetaKeywords

That wouldn't surprise me - while Google doesn't really use them, they might still check them to see if someone is trying to game the system.

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