SEO beginner help

Hi, I'm hopng someone can help. 


I feel I'm getting conflicting infomration and I want to do my best to learn as much as I can regarding SEO and to try and update my site as best as I possibly can. 


With regards, meta keywords are they important? I've read articles that say they are outdated but then I have people telling me my meta description is very important. Are these the same? And if so am I best putting in keywords with a comma e.g. onlinesubscription, personalized service, ......

Or do I place in a sentence? Or do I leave blank which it currently is at the moment. 


My page titles apparantly are causing problems with my SEO but I'm not sure as to how to correct this as I thought I'd everything filled in right. 


Thanks in advance for any SEO advice as I must say with so much infomration I've received and read I'm confused as what's best to do and being a Weebly site, I thought it was best to ask here to hopefully resolve my issues. 




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Re: SEO beginner help

META keywords are not as important and are not used by that many search engines these days, but META descriptions are important and I would definitely recommend entering in descriptions. I'd also recommend looking at our Ultimate Guide to SEO, since it will go over a lot of useful information for you:



- Adam
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