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I have a website where the homepage SEO title for search engines is [main keyword] - [brand name] and i have a number of pages which are unrelated to the main keyword but they are showing up as [page title] - [main keyword]. I know I have added the main keyword to any of the settings within my editor ever, the site title is blank and unchecked, logo is off and sitewide SEO site title is left blank too. 


Can any please help me understand why the main keyword is showing up on pages it should as it having a massive negative affect on my SEO.


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Re: SEO title issues

Normally, the title used to display with search results is made up of "page title - site title", but I would guess since you don't have a site title Google using a keyword instead. Try adding something for your site title, @AOBK

- Adam
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Re: SEO title issues

Thanks for the response that does make sense. Do you think if Google adds the keyword to the title it has an SEO affect? Just thinking the actually source code wouldn't have the keyword in the title tag so maybe it's more of a style over substance thing...


Update: I added a site title and the same thing applies it now shows [page title] - [site title] - [major keyword], seems like just a google thing so not sure if there any way round it by editing the code within the editor? 


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Re: SEO title issues

Are you also adding keywords to the individual page SEO section? Which website is this for and an example page that is displaying the major keyword?