Website is slow to open... HELP

My website is testing slow... wondering if someone can help by looking at my site.  Don't think i'll renew if this can't be resolved.


Re: Website is slow to open... HELP



One of the main reasons appears to ne your image sizes - i.e. images that are being resized through CSS  - following is a list and sizes from your home page....

The following images are resized in HTML or CSS. Serving scaled images could save 2.1MiB (82% reduction).

Hope that helps!!

Re: Website is slow to open... HELP

#1 get all photos optimized it will help with a file size of the photos, in a nutshell it will load faster the photos will look the exact same.You will most likely need someone to do that for you.



Other tips not related to speed:

A) Reduce the amount of pink products on home page, to appeal to more. (but thats just me)

B) I personally dont recommend a link to etsy or other outside sites, its not ideal. (not so much about speed) unless you want them to use the etsy check out.

C) You mention all over the place" SSL Certificate secure checkout" If anything mention it once and maybe in footer only.

D) Dont put " " etc for your contact just put "Contact us" and make that clickable link to the page. so you dont have to show the full

E) on your home page it says "hand painted wine..." so many time, I would remove most, it shows it in your title thats enough. 

F) dont bother showing hours if you dont have store front, then hours for email. Just answer when you can.


Hope that all helps, just trying to help with fresh eyes.