Why I cannot find my wesite in google?


I need some help

I have put in my company name "冰糖icy illustration" or "icy illustration" in all home page in META KEYWORDS
I'v filled in METAKEYWORDS in SEO
Done for FOOTER and HEADER Code

But when i type "冰糖icy illustration" or "icy illustration"on google search, non of webpage appear?

Thank you!




Re: Why I cannot find my wesite in google?

must to check SEO for every page. Try to test how is your site visibilty. Also,  Add your site to google analitics. To se your site must to take some time and work.

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Re: Why I cannot find my wesite in google?

I would also take a look at our Ultimate Guide to SEO for more info:



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Re: Why I cannot find my wesite in google?

Hi Icy Lo,

I am so sorry to tell you this but there are quite a bit more to SEO than just adding meta keywords.

Without spending too much time on it lets start with NAP consistency. I would say all efforts following will fail if you do not get this one right. Google gets confused when you have multiple names and you HAVE TO consolidate these into one. If you are using the free weebly site published on a weebly domain then you could purchase the domain and do a forward to try help google understand how your company is put together. The best would be to pay for weebly to publish on your domain but I do understand that not everyone can afford to do so when starting a company.

Here are your names as you currently stand in the eyes of Google

1) Get rid of the graphicy in your weebly domain

2) Purchase icy.illustration.com and forward your new icy.illustration.weebly.com as a temporary fix.  Publishing on your own domain should be a high priority when you can afford to do so.

You can also manipulate Google results by focussing on the following four building blocks:

a) Content. Your site is light and needs words.

b) Social. Create your Google Plus location and link your Youtube page to it. Get twitter and pinterst. This is a good start.

c) Links. Now link them all to your website! This is by no means enough but it is a start.

d) Brand. All social pages with the same vanity and name is how you start a brand. Then create a logo or use your signature or a watermark. This needs to be more prominent on all your images. Then add some Alt tags to your images such as: Icy Illustration: Name of Image....


SEO goes much much deeper than this but I think this would get you going. If it still does not show then grab your G+ location map and stick it into your website with the html code. It has to be verified. This should do it.


Message me if you need more help.




Re: Why I cannot find my wesite in google?

Google seems to be at it again, favoring Google themselves and the big boys.

I was using Google Plus a lot, put keyword in search and there my site would be.  Rarely does this happen now.  Still use Google plus though.


However, Bing is not as greedy as Google, so I am listing sites on Bing, as well as url to each page when I post something new and other pages at random because I just started this.  Although it takes time for them to crawl your site, pages, I am already able to put keyword in search and there my site is.


Regardless of what your primary browser is, search keywords to your site or even your site name in other browsers.