You TAKE my money anyway!!Its morally wrong and disrespectful...anyway.... I went to publish my site and register my domain name which was available..I filled out my ABN number and name and put sole trader etc...went to finalise payment and you said it wasnt successful so I tried different options...Evertime I tried same outcome.Then checked my bank statement and you had taken 4 lots of payments of $48 regardless and still have no website pulished...I was happy with one lot to be taken out and publish my site but not 4...Are you a company that scams people? or doesmt care..This is not good for your credibilityat all!!!  Where is the help on here to make sure I am filling the domain name part corrrectly...surely if its declined bevcause of the wrong details then dont go ahead and take the payment anyway as if to say F#@K you...the phone number you have given is not reachable.. I have already paid for one month subscription and want to get my site published...I NEED a website for my photography business...WHY is this proving to be so **bleep** difficult and WHY are you putting doubt in my mind about your companies credibility....

Community Manager

Re: domain

Did you see my reply to your post yesterday about this, @Simon73? Those charges were all voided immediately after they were placed, so they will just fall off of your account in a couple days once the voids all settle. There's something with the card you are using which is causing the charges to fail, so I would recommend using your other card that you used for the site upgrade since that one worked.

- Adam
Community Manager