duplicate title tags on archives/categories

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I have been working on weebly seo for our site ( for about 10months with not much progress. Even took a class at Stanford online for seo. The instructor was a bit perplexed as well. 


First we went and fixed 508 blog post titles because weebly by default will use the title of the parent blog page, default should be the title of the blog. But now each blog has its own title. SEO is still bad.


Now I have found the the archive/category pages also have duplicate title tags, about 180 in our case. I have embedded some javascript into our site so the the titles of the archive/category pages are made unique. They are unique to the people reading the pages, but the bots that crawl the pages dont see the changed title tags, that is the need to be changed on the server side, as far as I can tell.


My question isSmiley Very Happyoes anybody have a solution the will make the title tags and perhaps the description tag unique so when google crawls the  site they are also seen as unique? (this goes for those forward/previous link as well)

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Re: duplicate title tags on archives/categories

Only certain aspects of blog templates and partials are available for editing with a theme, and since they're used pretty much universally on the page level I don't think theme edits would help. To be honest, I would think that Google and any decent search engine would be intelligent enough to understand the difference between an archive or category page and a regular blog page, and why they would have similar content.

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Re: duplicate title tags on archives/categories

How would google tell the difference between a landing page like and a archive page like

They cant go by name.


Also, the google sep tools report the archives and catergory pages as having duplicate tiltes, so I am assuming they are treating then as any other page on the site.