h1 App & Google Indexing

Hi - I am going through the process of updating my page titles with the H1 Tag App and my Q is, will I need to get Google to reindex my site or will it pick up the changes automatically? Does anyone know?


Thanks v much in advance to anyone who can help :-)



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Re: h1 App & Google Indexing

Google will recrawl your site eventually on its own. Other option is use Webmaster tools to ask to recrawl certain pages or better yet use the data markup tool in Webmaster Tools.


Re: h1 App & Google Indexing

Hi Jason


Thanks very much for that - appreciate the help.




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Re: h1 App & Google Indexing

hi this is what you do for H1 indexing

<!DOCTYLE html>


all your meta titles and info


google codes and ID's


description of site



<title=”h1” content=”Embroiderer-Promotional Products-General Printers-LED Signs”</title>

<label hidden=”h1”>Embroiderer-Promotional Products-General Printers-LED Signs </label>

          <h1 hidden=”h1>Embroiderer-Promotional Products-General Printers-LED Signs</h1>

*/NOTE type your own information as above no commas use (-) no more than 6 words between 5 to 60 charecters 



The above worked for me. enjoy

where do you put it? go to your individual age select SEO, heather code enter the code there 

why? because each page has its own description. the main SEO is for information you need to place that coresponds to all pages.

crawling is 1/2 the work, its like buying a car and driving to the shops without fuel on the tank, you have a car that goes no where.