Bad quality of header image

Hello to all and a happy new year


it seems, that the "new header image editor" reduce the quality of the uploaded image awfully.

The big header image for example. measures 960 x 300 px. I prepare the image for this size. But after the upload the editor make the image a bit bigger and the image loose also quality. further the saved image doesn't contain all what I want to show, because it was resized bigger.


Here is an example http://www.ashram-mallorca.com/yogana-pflegeprodukte-feingold.html


Does someone have an ideal how to solve it?


Thanks a lot for your help!






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Re: Bad quality of header image

Our engineers are working on improving the quality of image conversion, @ashrammallorca. I'm not sure when they'll have that completed, though. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your patience!

- Adam
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Re: Bad quality of header image

Hi Adam


Ok, this problem is already known.
Of course I'm patient, I love weebly.


Thank you