Categories and feedback

I am having problems with my categories, when I open the options when adding a new product it doesn't show any categories so seems like a fault. No previous issues. 

Can I just say that the new product/store editor was an unnessary and bad change - it has made things much longer and sloppy. I am unsure of why you change things that were working. It is making me question my usage of weebly at all and I am on a business plan. 


I also am unsure why you have not added a function to reverse the chronological nature of categories, it is madness to add a product to a website and for it to go to the bottom of a category. I cannot be the only one that want's my latest products to go to the top of the list especially important for a 'latest items' category. 


I know you can manually change them but that is so time consuming if you have numerous categories and products!


Stop fiddling with things that work and breaking them and start getting better functionality where needed please! Before people like me jump ship. 

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Re: Categories and feedback

Thanks for your feedback, @josephberry.  When you say it doesn't show categories for a new product, is this when choosing them to add to the product you are creating? When I click the "+ Choose Categories" button I see a list of categories show in the popup.

- Adam
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Re: Categories and feedback

Yes as I say, I have not had any issues before. 


Equally one of my recent products does not allow me to change the main photo of the item, it does for other items not one or two. 


All since this 'upgrade'


I have attached a photo for the category issue. Untitled.jpg


Re: Categories and feedback

Categories issue resolved itself for now. 


The other comments and my thoughts remain. 

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Re: Categories and feedback

Thanks for sharing. Just to be clear you are not having the category issue any more, but you are still unhappy about the order of the categories? I agree with you, by the way, that the upload shouldn't go to the bottom of the list. I'm pretty sure that is a feature request that is being worked on. I'll make sure to include your feedback!