Downsizing Images Randomly?

Right now I keep trying to add an image of 500 x 500 px to my site via the editor. When I navigate away from the page to edit another and then come back, the image is downsized to a fraction of it's original size. Why does this happen? Even if I delete it and try again, the same thing occurs.


To be clear, I have three other images of the same dimensions uploaded on the same page without issues. Also, these images are all being uploaded from an image URL and it displays fine via URL.

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Re: Downsizing Images Randomly?

Can you try this, @nanimakespop:


1. After you come back to the page and see the image is smaller, click on the image element

2. On the element options popup, click edit

3. Don't make any changes to the image, but click save


Does the image then revert to the larger size?

- Adam
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