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I have embeded some html code in my website. which has css and js applied on it in the code editor. how do i allow drag and drop. making it possible to apply css and js to any elements i like?


I mean to say how to embed the {area-name:content} thing [Weebly Docs] into custom html?




I want to embed an HTML code in my website with a <div class>

css and js will be applied on it in the code editor.


just that instead of me coding the text and images, i want to drag and drop it. is this possible? how?

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Re: Embed Code

You have to add that tag to a page template while editing a theme - it wouldn't be possible to add that using the Embed Code element.


You could add JS and CSS to your theme while editing it, then add <div class=""></div> to an Embed Code element. You might not see the JS and CSS applied in the editor, though it'll work on the live site if you have everything coded properly.

- Adam
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Re: Embed Code

Hey I solved this by first dragging and droping content in the sections then going to the domain on Google Chrome.


Further, I right clicked on the section I wanted to add some extra HTML code to. Click Inspect. A sidebar appears with all the HTML code. Copy. Drag Embed Code on site editor to a new section. Paste.


Now delete the previous section.


There you go. Now you have a duplicate section with all the content you desire without coding.