Enabling SSL greatly reduces my load time


I was wondering if anyone can help, I'm not great with websites and the technicalities of them.

When I enable SSL on my website the load speed increases by around 2seconds, I understand that it is necessary/good for SEO to have SSL enabled, however is it still worth at the cost of the SEO for speed of load?

Is there any way around this...? Ihope this question makes sense.

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Re: Enabling SSL greatly reduces my load time

SSL shouldn't really have much effect on site load speed in and of itself. I tested the loading time for your home page and it took about 2 seconds to load, which is about what I would expect for what you have on your homepage.

- Adam
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Re: Enabling SSL greatly reduces my load time

If in fact your load times did increase. It would be to the extra work that the browser - website - server do. 


However, you could always add your site to cloudflare. That might help.


Your site is still loading in http1.1 (I have asked weebly to upgrade to http2)


But as usual, people dont see the important stuff (or technical stuff). 


Http2 will make your site load much quicker. 


With all that being said, your site load very quick in any case. (And I am on a slow network)