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From the Blog: Refresh Your Site

Recently Toblerone, the beloved European candy manufacturer and provider of a genuine Friends moment, decided to make a change that rocked the nougat-filled chocolate world. They made their bars smaller. 


My point here my friends, is that sometimes people don't like change. Fortunately/unfortunately, your website is not made of chocolate so hopefully there will be less outrage from people when you change it. One way to help that along is to make changes slowly, optimizing consistently and keeping it real. Real easy to use.


The latest Weebly blog post focuses on four things you can do to Refresh Your Site for 2017, and it's worth a gander. If it's important to you to keep your site fresh and so clean, then maybe take a look at what you can do to make your site pop. 


Also for review is this article from Webflow: 18 Web Design Trends for 2017.




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Re: From the Blog: Refresh Your Site

Great post Riah! I have heard about a Toblerone-gate, but as not living in Europe, it wasn't clear what the details were [and I wasn't as much as inspired to Google it lol!].


I would also add - do A/B testing after each change - monitor your site conversion and traffic to have clear ideas which single change is bringing results. If you apply many changes at once and suddenly your sales drop, you wouldn't know which of the new elements is responsible, and effectively which should you alter. 

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