Header Editor FAILURE

The new header editor is horrendous. I used to be able to use oversized images and center them within the visible area so that just the portion of the image I wanted to show would be visible. Now, everything has to be the exact size, I can't move the image around to get just what I want to show. I can't even do a basic header that has a background color or color gradiant with text on it. It now HAS to be an image, and it HAS to be an exact size. Anybody know what that size is?? That would certainly be helpful!


I want something that works, I DO NOT want to have to learn to use things like PhotoShop just to be able to put an image in my header. As of right now, not realizing this, I've replaced my current header image with something that doesn't fit correctly and looks like garbage. I'm going to end up removing the headers completely. I don't have the knowledge of how to do photo editing, so now I have to figure out how to make my pages look good with no headers at all.


How do you resize an image to get it to fit within the area that the header uses, and just what size is that anyway? Beats me, the header editor doesn't even have this BASIC feature. I use the editor here because I'm not a professional website designer, but now, with this rediculous new editor, I have to be... Bring back the old one or give those of us that still have the ability to use FLASH a choice in which to use. The new editor is a MAJOR failure, and should NOT be a forced, permanent, replacment until it at least has the basic features of its predecessor.

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Re: Header Editor FAILURE

Sorry to hear that, @AbundantLife. We're gathering feedback like yours and sharing that with our engineers so they can take that into consideration for any updates to it. 


The reason we updated the image editor is because the previous version was flash-based. Most modern browsers are no longer supporting flash by default, and it would have created extra steps people would have needed to enable just to edit images.

- Adam
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Re: Header Editor FAILURE

I just submitted a question about this very topic.  I concur with AbumdantLife that the new editor is cumbersome, not intuitive and does not allow for the ease of positioning images within the header like the old editor.  I get the issue with teh flash-based system, but how about just fixing that issue and not rearranging the editor.  


I will also vote FAIL on the new header editor.  Major FAIL.


Re: Header Editor FAILURE

I agree that the new editor is FAIL.  My most recent page is garbage instead of matching the rest of the site--and I'm not skilled with photoshop, either.  Please return it to normal.


Re: Header Editor FAILURE

To add, I can no longer adjust the font in my headers to the font used in the rest of my site (Metamorphosis), nor size pictures, nor include any of the text effects I was using. FAIL indeed.

Re: Header Editor FAILURE

EXACTLY what @dreelyn said!



Re: Header Editor FAILURE

I agree with all above--- very disappointed in Weebly.

Re: Header Editor FAILURE

I agree with the author of this topic. 

New editor is awful.

1. No possibility to move (center) oversized picture. 

2. Each time when I want to save slideshow in header, I have confirm if it shoulb be for only one sub-page or each on my website.

3. I guess I asked for this more than 2 years ago - when we add new pictures to the slideshow, please give us a chance to choose if the newest file will show up on beginning or at the end of slideshow. So far it appears at the end only and in new editor it takes even more time to move this photo to the beginning because editor loses focus on the picture and moves scroll bar to the beginning of slideshow. After that I need to scroll slideshow in search of the picture I want to move to other place.


Besides, why don't you let us test something before you add a function to all users?

There should be some beta program so each of us can first try it and give feedback when we have a time and first of all when we want it. You should build some testers team first.

So far, you push us to test all of us it without our permission. 


Please, make our life easier, not more difficult cause it is the whole idea of such a web builders, right? 


Have a happy new year!


Re: Header Editor FAILURE

THIS IS DREADFUL.  Please please please please put it back as it was.  I really need help to fix my site.

I seem to be able to have either logo or text - not both.

My site is http://friendsoffbs.weebly.com/


Coul dyou please help me?


Re: Header Editor FAILURE

I agree with everything here ... My banners for our site rely on being able to adjust an image to fit the banner at the top .. that is no longer possible .. and the option to reduce the size of the image does not work. If this is your only option than we may have to look for another website creator and abandon Weebly.