How to recover deleted Weebly page


I'm Marcella from Italy.


By mistake ( I was trying to remove an empty section) I have deleted all the contents in my Italian Home page  at http://www.martinomartinicenter.org/home-it.html 

Even if I didn't publish it, the content is already completely disappered on line.

 Is it possible to recover the last published page?


 Many thanks in advance 


Employee Moderator

Re: How to recover deleted Weebly page

Hello Marcella! Sorry for the stress. I've restored what we can on the site from here.


Re: How to recover deleted Weebly page

Thank You Queso,
I'm copying and translating again the English Home page.
Next time I'll make a back up copy of the page before proceeding.
It sound quite strange you could recover a really old content, and not the recent one. In any case I do appreciate a lot your help.
Cheers M.