I can change the page to no header



Here is my page: https://simmpo1.weebly.com/new-page.html


I try to build an landing page at "newpage" page tab. When I chose no header, the header is still there. I tried many times and couldn't solve this question. Can anyone can help to solve this? 


The second question is if I want to build an landing page that is hidden from navigation, how can I find the link of the page?


The third question is I want to set a landing page with a button to the link of product "buy now" page. But I still want to keep "add to cart" on my official website. Can I do this? 




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Re: I can change the page to no header

Hey @BillHsu!


1. The page you linked has no header when I check it. Did you still need help with that?

2. You can get the URL of the page based off the name of the page. If the page is called "my page", then it would be "my-page.html". If you want to link to it from a text link or button, you can find it in the list of pages to choose from.

3. Yes, you just want to use a standard button called "buy now", then choose the product from the list of products (after choosing the product page option).

- Adam
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Re: I can change the page to no header

I'll try my best to answer one half of your questions:


1. When you switch to no header, are you sure that what you're seeing is not just a background image that you have applied to a section? If this is not the case then it might be something more technical.


2. I know this one! A good rule of thumb is whatever you name your page is what the url extension will be. So if I name something "My cool page" the default would be www.mysite.com/my-cool-page.html. Additionally, if you are on your page and click the "Pages" item at the top and then click "SEO Settings" you will see the section "Page Permalink" where you can manually set the link that you would prefer.


3. Sorry, the sites I manage do not involve products. Hopefully someone else on here can help you on this one. 


Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more clarification on points one or two.