Image Slide maker | Problem

I created a Image Slider on http://imageslidermaker.com/v2 to place on my website which i have to place in the HTML/CSS section under themes of my site editor.


I created the file directory s as required (see below) , under Assets and uploaded the files .




After doing this i needed to post the body HTML on my site where i want the slider to be .


<div class="ism-slider" data-buttons="false" id="synergy_001">
<img src="ism/image/slides/_u/1527843128147_219393.jpg">
<img src="ism/image/slides/_u/1527841021715_644557.jpg">
<img src="ism/image/slides/_u/1527841053670_635600.jpg">
<p class="ism-badge" id="synergy_001-ism-badge"><a class="ism-link" href="http://imageslidermaker.com" rel="nofollow">generated with ISM</a></p>


And Script in the page header. 


<link rel="stylesheet" href="ism/css/my-slider.css"/>
<script src="ism/js/ism-2.2.min.js"></script>


After doing all this as required the slider and images are still not loading . I thing i might have a Root Directory problem . I tried a few changes to the Sources without any luck .


Please help Cat Wink


Re: Image Slide maker | Problem

What is the root directory for my website ? Tried changing as follows without any luck.

<img src="www.synergy-african.com/files/theme/ism/image/slides/_u/1527843128147_219393.jpg">

Re: Image Slide maker | Problem

Kudos goes to Adam on this one.


Following this link answered over a year ago, I learned something new. I uploaded an image to my test site I have under Assets/images/ and the link I followed to get there was:

www.mysitesdomain.com + "/files/theme/images/gato.jpg"


In Adam's example he stuck the images straight into the Assets folder so his link example was "/files/theme/filename.extension". So assuming you uploaded your images there, you can replace the src links in your slider to point to your images if you follow Adam's instruction. If you need any help let me know.