Images only show in preview mode but not on live site

Hello Community,

For some reason my live site fails to show any images unless I hack them in with a code injection pointing to an external url. That trick I didn't get to work with background or header images though, and it's fairly strenuous otherwise too. So, I'd love to have it fixed! Could someone help me out?


There is another thread about this problem, but I couldn't make sense of the instructions to just "fix the file path" as I didn't manage to find any folder containing the uploaded images, nor the appropriate piece of code in the theme's html editor. I have also tried switching themes, to no avail.


In case it matters, my site is hosted by Siteground, and I'm using the Weebly sitebuilder connected to Siteground.


www.davidmews.de is the site in question


Thank you!

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Re: Images only show in preview mode but not on live site

Have you contacted Siteground for help, @Ratalahti? Since it isn't built directly with us I won't be able to log in or fix that for you. If there's something that needs correcting on end Siteground can get in touch with us to rectify it, though.

- Adam
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