Inserting an iframe

I need to have the following open up inside an iframe on a page of my site.


Could someone provide me with the iframe code I would wrap this in please? 
I want to be able to adjust width height of frame.

Thank you


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If your Weebly site is NOT using SSL - i.e. it is calling via http then this should work for you...

<iframe src='http://myapp.affordableapps.com.au/app/index.html?mode=0&appId=e76792a2-c5c4-11e7-9bb5-0698b23e0a1a' style='width:900px;height:700px;overflow:hidden' frameborder='0' marginwidth='0' marginheight='0' scrolling='yes'></iframe>

Now if your Weebly site IS using SSL - i.e. it is calling via https then it won't work at all.   Why - because the address at myapp is NOT using SSL and will not load as https.   This is a security issue known as "mixed content" and here's an explanation for you...


Post back if you need more help... 



Re: Inserting an iframe

Thank you for your help. I will investigate and check out what you have explained

Re: Inserting an iframe

Problem solved


Thanks again


Re: Inserting an iframe

This is great. But how can I make it so the iframe is larger? As it only uses part of the screen. 


Ie it is a smaller window within a window.