Issue Enabling SSL



My website is with Weebly and my domain (mysterycomic.com) is through GoDaddy. I was able to connect the domain in GoDaddy but in the site editor, under setttings, I continue receiving the error message "In order to enable SSL on your website, your domain's DNS settings need to be updated" when I try to enable SSL. 


On checked my website (mysterycomic.com), and the lock symbol appears in my shop's checkput page so I believe the SSL may be working. But between the SSL enabling error message and being a novice and managing DNS, any help would be appreciated. 



Community Manager

Re: Issue Enabling SSL

Our SSL certificates are configured to use a certain IP address depending on the site. While your domain is pointed to us properly, in order to use the SSL certificate you'll need to update the IP address to this:


Once that change propagates it should work just fine for you.

- Adam
Community Manager