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I have created a website. When going from page to page, the member icon (little person figure) appears next to the search bar, then goes away. I have toggled on and off the member login option in the settings and when publishing both options the issue is still occuring. Is this a glitch? 

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Re: Member Icon in Menu

Hi @WM1 Can you post a link to your site so we can take a look? Thanks! 


Re: Member Icon in Menu

We had a similar issue on a few of our sites as well. There is an svg that is loaded in under a span tag with classes ".header-login" and ".login-link". There is a span tag inside of that as well with an id of "#member-login". You can target these with CSS in the site's head to display:none if you don't want the image to pop up at all. We didn't really have time to ask or look into it further when we first encountered the issue so there might be an alternative way of turning off the login feature fully so that does not happen.