New cookie banner and G.Analytics

Hello, I have two problems with new cookie banner.

1) There is no possibility to change the text of cookie bar, which is a problem if you have a site in the different language!!!

2) If user won`t click "I accept" on new cookie banner I have no data for Google Analytics. :-( So we cannot have data about visits when we do not have acceptance of the user. I do not think that this is necessary for GDPR (I believe there is an exception in EU - if you don`t collect personal data which may lead you to identify the person).


Thank you for any reply.


Re: New cookie banner and G.Analytics

I have (since years) implemented a code (anonymizeIP) that shortens the IP in the EU. Maybe this is what you meant with "exception". Additional I offer an opt-out (javascript). Until today this was enough.
Now the discussion if GA may still be used is beginning again, esp. in Germany. By blocking it as long as there is no consent ("I accept") weebly is on the secure side, and it follows the intention of the GDPR. If this is really necessary only time will show.

For me the problem is that the banner just shows up 1 time on first visit on first page only. When I opened my website today I just did not see it, just later on my cellular I realized there was something new. The banner should not disappear if visitors do not accept. So they 1) have a chance to read your cookie policy before they click and 2) the chance they click "accept" gets higher (what would give you more GA data)
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Re: New cookie banner and G.Analytics

Hi guys. If you have not already submitted a ticket to support with your GDPR questions please do so here. https://hc.weebly.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Those tickets will be escalated to our policy team. Thanks!


Re: New cookie banner and G.Analytics

Please keep commenting in this thread if you have the same problem



What we should be looking at is a specific GDPR info portal (Like the Site Editor section) where all such issues get raised in one place and everybody can see what are the issues that people are finding

That's because the current state of affairs appears to be that EU website owners raising issues here appear to know more about what should be happening then the support team

If we can all find these threads easily we will start building a body of information about what is required and what does and does not work as it should much faster

If Weebly wants to do this all the really slow way - AND REMAIN NON-GDPR COMPLIANT ALL THE TIME IT WORKS LIKE THIS - then it should continue to try and bury problems out of sight.

However it should be very clear that this will not mean that people will not talk about the problems with Weebly off the site.

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Re: New cookie banner and G.Analytics

I do agree with you, @makingamark that the information should be more transparent and readily available. I'm not saying you shouldn't be talking about this on the forum. That's what the forum is for! But at this time I'm not able to provide the answers you are looking for as only policy can respond to GDPR specific questions. I know it's frustrating, but please know that we DO want everyone to keep the discussion flowing.  


Re: New cookie banner and G.Analytics

Same problem here with analytics since the new cookie bar was on the website we lose almost 70% of data in Analytics. Also the weebly analytics showing a big lose of visitors. I don't think that this is the reason why the GDPR is the new law. How can we eplain that to our clients. They see only a lose of visitors and they complain about that.