Product categories will not center

On the home page I have 3 product categories showing with pictures but because they are set to float left, when I shrink the browser size, they stack in two rows with two categories side by side and then the third beneath them, but the bottom category floats left instead of centering under the other two.  I don't like the upside down L look and would like to change that but have been unsuccessful thus far.

I inspected the elements in chrome and the class being used is product-grid__item but I can't find that in the css.  When I change the float left to none and display to inline-block with the inspect tool, it looks fine, but I can't find where to put this in the css.  Anybody solved this issue?


Re: Product categories will not center

Can you provide a link to the website in question. We can only speculate without seeing what you're dealing with.