Scribd files won't display

I'm trying to get some word documents to show up, but they won't display. I haven't had a problem until recently, so I'm not sure why it's an issue now. I have tried re-uploading the files and each time it accepts the file, but only displays a blank rectangle that I can't scroll through, which is to say the file isn't loading. Any workaround or anything?


I also tried a pdf of the same file and got the same result.

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Re: Scribd files won't display

There's an app in the App Center you could try instead, @Coaz. I would imagine that Scribd are probably aware there's an issue with documents displaying and are working on it, though.

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Re: Scribd files won't display



Work around - save your Word file as a pdf then use Method 1 here to convert pdf to either a JPEG or PNG image file.   Then use th weebly Image element to place on the page.   The convertor mentioned above is free BTW.


And of course if you have a scanner then print the word doc and scan to an image file instead!