Size Weebly socail media icons

Is it possible to increase the size of the standard Weebly social media icons? If so, I would like to hear how.


Thanks, Pieter


Re: Size Weebly socail media icons


I'm gonna throw you a bone here because this one is kind of annoying and I don't think you can change it directly from the theme menu. You will need some css here (and I apologize for only winging css options at you but it's in many cases the easiest and least intensive method of making visual changes to your site). What you will need to target is this: 


That is the element class that renders the social icons if you are using the built-in Weebly icons. You can change the font-size to something larger to fit your needs! Attached is icons that I sized to be really big.2018-05-29_1501.png


Re: Size Weebly socail media icons

Thanx braybin, 

This works fine!