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Weebly Tip of the Week: Create Flawless Copy with a Style Sheet

English is tricky. In addition to the many sensible and confusing rules of the language, there are instances where there are many right ways to do something. Do you use the serial/Oxford comma or not? Which words do you capitalize? How do you spell grey? Do you use and or &?


Enter the style sheet. A simple and evolving document that keeps track of your copy choices and helps you standardize them. And if you have multiple writers and editors, this is key.


So here's what you do. Audit the content on your site, and any public copy (marketing emails, packaging copy). Some things of which to take note:

  • Spelling of words with multiple spelling or hyphenation options (grey/gray, color/colour, e-commerce/eCommerce).
  • Capitalization in headlines, titles, etc (Just the first word in a title? All Words Except for Articles and Conjunctions?).
  • Spelling of made-up words and how they’re spelled.
  • Formatting for copy such as quotes or bullets.
  • Formatting guidelines for using bold, italic and underline.
  • Numbers (written out or in figures?).

Moving forward, refer back to the choices you’ve made, and add more to the list as they come up.


Read more here: The Grammar Girl has a great article on this very thing that you should check out: How to Make a Style Sheet



Extra Credit: If you find reference books sexy like I do, buy a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style or AP Stylebook. It’s fascinating to see how many rules there can be for consistent style, how many ways to think about usage. This is definitely not mandatory, but if you’re writing a lot, it can really help you think about your own consistency and choices.


Have you ever created a style sheet? Do you notice your own or another’s consistency in writing?



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Re: Weebly Tip of the Week: Create Flawless Copy with a Style Sheet

CSS for colors and text is just the tip of a very large iceberg. It is tech worth learning that can provide some real power to those who know how to use it. Well worth learning. Great post RiahG!