What cookies does a weebly website use



Been looking for this for weeks, support tickets, community everything.. cant seem to get a answer


what cookies does weebly use ??

we need to add this info to the privacy policy ??


25th GDPR is nearly here and we have got clients asking for info that we dont have.. surely weebly should have a blanket cookie list of what cookies they use and what info they collect ??

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 Hi there. I'm not sure what the full list is, only that we will be compliant by Friday. I know this answer is really vague and probably not what you are looking for. Smiley Sad Did you already submit a ticket to the policy team? 


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hi @Bernadette yes i emailed the policy team - no reply yet Smiley Sad


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The problem with only being compliant as the service provider on May 25 is that we will have no way of ensuring our own sites are GDPR compliant by the same date. This needs to be addressed within the next 24 hours at a minimum. The legislation has been pending for 2 years. Let's get on with this. I need to install and test the new cookie policy affirmative opt-in to ensure it is working. It is unacceptable that we are being delayed with vague promises until the actual date enforcement begins.


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It's now 26 May 2018

Given there is no way Weebly is compliant with GDPR with respect to cookies, maybe you could now provide a reply to the original question so that people can make alternative arrangements for the insertion of cookie banners that work.

Standard practice is to list all cookies and precisely what they are used for - distinguishing between those which are essential to all LEGAL functionality (i.e. what Weebly MUST do not what it wants to do) and those which are optional


How many Weebly Cookies on each Website?

I have 3 websites online at present. 

Two of these websites (one with only 7 pages) have 14 first class cookies, and no third class cookies, according to


The other website has only 2 first class cookies (130 pages), and no third class cookies.


I really don't understand, because first class cookies are apparently set by the site (weebly) itself !!!