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I would like to access a certain paragraph in another page with a link or something else. I can access the top of the page but not at a specific place in page.


I tried in HTML it works but just on the same page (and obviously not going from one page to another)


Is there a solution for me?





Re: link a paragraph of page

The answer to your question is anchors! As far as I can tell in my brief foray into Weebly there is no two click method into implementing this behavior. However, you can still achieve this very simply:

Start first by dragging some embed code just above where you would like the user to land. A very simple option is to include something like this 

<span id="myAnchor">&nbsp;</span>

This is a span tag with a non-breaking page space. This will render an element that is for all intents and purposes "invisible". The id is what you will use as your anchor. However, like I said prior Weebly doesn't provide a built-in for this option, so you'll have to add the link manually like "www.mysite.com/my-page#myAnchor" which will land you right where you want. It may be a bit obscured depending on how large your nav menu is when scrolling down the page. Hope this is helpful. 


Re: link a paragraph of page

What an idiot I forgot in my HTML to indicate the page wanted...
It would be convenient for an application to do it but in this case I will continue like this!

Thank you for your reply

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Re: link a paragraph of page

You can do as @braybin suggests or you can use this app. Smiley Happy 




Re: link a paragraph of page

This is also a good solution. Things like this are usually a one off for me so it's easier to do it manually but an app like that would make your life easier if this is a common occurrence.


Re: link a paragraph of page

Afla ai multe detalii pe sait: http://startinafacere.weebly.com/ email: alegealoevera@gmail.com