CSS Coding help!!!



would like the custom CSS code on how to make my navigation menu closer together for my website. I don't know anything about coding and would really appreciate it if someone can provide me with the code and instructions on how to do it?


Here is my website www.cupcake-couture.net


Thank you!




Re: CSS Coding help!!!

Please ellaborate "closer together". i could help in some css coding.


Re: CSS Coding help!!!

Hi @tanu1231,


If you're talking about the space (padding) between the menu items, the following code will help you make that adjustment.


Firstly however, as you have admitted not being confident with HTML/CSS, I recommend that you make a backup of the CSS before editing it.


In the Weebly editor, click on Themes and then 'Edit HTML/CSS'. Then under the heading 'STYLES' click on the main css file. Then click in the code window, select all (CMD+A (Mac) or CTRL+A (Windows)) and copy it all into a plain text file.


Once you've made a back up, copy the following code to the end of your CSS file. Scroll to the bottom of the CSS code window and paste this:


#nav-wrap .container ul li {
padding: 0px 20px;

Then click Save and then Publish your page to check its appearance.


The current setting for your padding is 50px, I've suggested 20px as a lower figure, but you should adjust that up or down to suit your needs.


Let me know if this helps.