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So, I had an issue where I wanted to copy a site and then put the old content on the new site. Should be as easy as downloading/uploading an archive file. Of course, it didn't happen that way. Weebly, why do you insist on not giving your users a viable, ACTUAL archive? If your service is great, we don't want it to LEAVE, we want it to STAY with you.


I downloaded the archive to move my Weebly content from one Weebly site to another Weebly site.

My photos were all whacked. Instead of being nicely separated in the categories and albums I had spent so much time carefully putting them into, there were about 3,000 thrown into a folder. No rhyme or reason. I gave up even sorting them because of the duplicates from thumbnails, etc, and just re-downloaded each photo by hand from the social network I was trying to back them up from. That's insanity. Now, that means you have multiple copies of my images on your servers, which is just a giant waste of space on your end, instead of letting me go through and delete items that are no longer being used, and download an archive of them so that I can delete the old ones before adding new.


No blog posts are saved. Not even just basic text files. No real content is saved.


Seriously? You are asking us to put all our faith in the idea that you will always be here. So our choices are-


-A wing and a prayer.


-Manually archiving everything as we add it, which sucks.


-Not using Weebly, because it's not a viable blogging software which allows you to move your content to a different Weebly site if you so desire.


I mean, really. You gave us a ton of new templates which... by the way, ALL look the same, instead of the old ones that at least had some sort of variety.


You raised costs.


You gave us a designer platform that doesn't let us invoice/set up payment options for our users, so we're liable for that money if the user forgets to pay.


Yet people have been asking for years for a REAL archive of our website and content, and you haven't responded at all. It's the one thing that is driving people away. I have a site of around 5,000 users. They don't understand Wordpress, and were looking for a way to archive their writing and photos.


They won't come to Weebly. What's the point of backing up their work on Weebly, if they are then stuck and can't ever consolidate their Weebly sites, separate them, whatever? I am now stuck archiving my work on Weebly, while also having separate full archives on my computer and on the writing social network site that I'm trying to save stuff from.


Weebly, if you want to position yourself as a viable blogging platform for the long haul, allowing us to archive our content in an ACTUAL archive file is an emergency request. We should be able to download an archive from one Weebly site, and easily transfer it to another site... holding ALL of our content and preferences saved.

For me, I had a separate website for each writing character. It became unmanageable. So I wanted to download an archive of those sites, and then put the content all on 1 unified Weebly site for all of my writing characters. I can't do that, so now I'm stuck re-doing all of my hard work since 2012 by hand. It sucks and is honestly making me consider whether Weebly and I are going to make it through this frustration. At least with Wordpress, once I learn it, my content is mine and they'll let me archive/pull it if I wish.

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Currently you can only backup a weebly site for your own purposes. Nothing exists in Weebly to backup a site and then restore it.  This needs expediting, I have close to 10 weebly sites and love the system - but if this continues I will need to move everything to Wordpress.

Did Weebly ever respond to this?

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